4 Things A Man Won’t Ask You To Do If He Loves You

IMG_0286.JPG 4 Things A Man Won’t Ask You To Do If He Loves You

Love is very much an action word. It’s a verb in every sense of the word. When you love a woman there are just certain things you won’t ask her to do.


When you really love a woman you don’t put her in positions where she has to choose between her self-worth or pride and her love for you. There’s a vulnerability that comes with someone giving themselves to you. You can either cherish that gift or break it. You won’t ask her to be weak so that she can love you.


When you love a woman you don’t straddle the fence on your intentions. When you’re dating maybe but not once you love her. Once she’s come into your life and sucked your soul in; there’s only two options. You love her completely and fully the way a man should love a woman or you love her enough to let her go. You won’t ask her to wait in purgatory for your love.


One of the coolest things about love is the intimacy. The comfort that comes with not wanting or needing but craving someone. A craving that feels like Godzilla standing on your chest and she’s the only one that can ease that pressure. You don’t ask a woman to hide her love for you, to hide that craving. You care about the smallest details of her life. You don’t ask her to go anywhere else when she needs someone.


When you love a woman you love what she loves. You don’t ask her to decide between her friends and family and you. However annoying or difficult you make it work. It may not be perfect but your love for her trumps all the bullshit. Trumps all the pettiness and insecurities.

I’ll Be Your Heartbeat…

FB-Ring.jpg If you allow me to be, I’ll be your heartbeat. I’ll take all that I have and give it to you. I’ll let my actions prove my worth to you. I’ll let my touch prove my sincerity. I’ll let my words be a beacon to your heart.

Let me be your heartbeat, let everything I lack as a man be found in who you are, let everything you’re missing as a woman be found in who I am.

Our lips should meet in a moment of bliss.

Our eyes should find each other in a crowded room and our hearts should beat faster just knowing, just seeing, just believing.

If you let me add to your life I promise I will never let you down, I will never hurt you, I will never forsake you or take for granted the love and joy and happiness you provide me.

I need you to understand that before you I’m just thoughts, words and inconsistencies but after you I will be life.

There are nights I sit and drink and think and wonder where it all will lead. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it will lead to you. It has always lead to you even if I didn’t know it.



black passionBiting into her skin, enough pain to bring pleasure but not enough force to bring pain. Her moans gave me life, her wetness only went to pour gasoline on a fire that was far from being extinguished. Looking into her eyes, lust, desire, fear, surprise were what I saw back. “Why did you even bother wearing panties tonight?” Is what I said while I slid them off? “Because it’s more fun this way and why are you taking them off that way, take them off them with your teeth.” I bit her belly button instead and slid my hand up and down her thighs, the goosbumps evident.

“We don’t have a lot of time while you’re trying to make love. I have to get home.” She smiled and pulled her dress up to her waist. “He’s already getting suspicious every since you left that hickey on my ass that I didn’t know about! Put it in so I can cum and I promise we’ll have more time this weekend.” Her promises only lasted as long as her orgasms. Feeling the warmth surround me, pushing in further and harder I wanted her to take the pleasure and pain and soreness back to him. Biting down on her neck, ignoring her scratches on my back I wanted him to see the marks of pleasure. She pulled my face to hers and looked into my eyes, touching herself and putting her finger in my mouth I came deep inside. “I want him to look like you,” she said even though I wasn’t even sure she would know who the father was, me, or her husband.

Wanting Them At Their Worse…

391690_132115926895533_100002913805424_167373_1571942060_nHave you ever seen someone online or had a friend show you a picture of a person and they literally looked perfect? Or met someone in a club, restaurant or at an event and everything about them was just overwhelmingly charming and sexy? That’s seeing them at their best, they’ve primped and pampered and manicured for hours to get that look. It’s easy to want them, to want her, when she looks like that. She’s just gotten paid, her outfit is laid, her hair still smells like coconut or amber. Try wanting her when she’s at her worse. When she’s rocking flats that have seen better days, clothes that have been in the washer one too many times and an attitude that’s telling you, “You can’t do anything right.”

See, I used to think that too many people were waiting for perfect but now I’m not sure if that’s the case at all. It’s easy to convince yourself that you can be good to someone regardless of how bad things get when things are good. I mean, how do you know how you’ll handle adversity until that moment comes? I love her when she’s a size 4 and wants sex just as much as I do but can you love her if she goes to a size 8 and starts to stress about her career not going where she thought it would go? I respect men and women that have the ability to want people at their worse because if it was easy more of us would do it.

There’s this quote that I’ve seen several times. “A real woman can do it alone but a real man wouldn’t let her.” I don’t disagree with that concept. Here’s one that I’ve been thinking about due to some friends that are having financial trouble. “A man can struggle on his own until he gets back on his feet but a real woman wouldn’t let him.” As much as I write about the responsibility of men to step up and be better fathers, better husbands, better boyfriends, better friends… It’s a two way street. When that man has nothing and his life seems hopeless will you still want him?

If the answer to that question is yes know you have a good situation and it’s worth fighting for. When I was a kid my mom would get off work and throw on the most raggedly gown I’d ever seen in my life. This thing had seen way better days and my stepfather never said a thing about it. I couldn’t understand that until I grew up and realized after a point everyday isn’t MAC and Victoria’s Secret and 3 course meals. They’ll be bad days, stormy days and if you still want to be there… If you still feel like she’s the most beautiful woman in the world when she looks a mess. You can’t fight that.