Thunderstorms, Trench Coats and High Heels

storms “Turn off the lights. Light a candle; because tonight I’m going to make love to you.” I was singing to her, rather badly but I loved to hear her laugh.

Last night was rough for her, grad school finals and taking on new responsibilities at work. As tired as I was, as she was, I stayed up with her. Sipping coffee, rubbing her shoulders, quizzing her on her notes. It was a long night but one I wouldn’t trade for the world.

“I’m going to need you to promise me you won’t show that sexy voice to anyone else. I don’t want to hurt someone for throwing panties at my man.” I could hear the smile in her voice.

Just like clockwork she called me as soon as she left work.

“Baby. Are you cooking tonight? I just want to come home and lay on the couch.” She still had her house. A house she paid bills at, that was twice as big as mines but whenever she spoke of lying on the couch at home she was talking about my couch.

Staying up all night with her, going straight to work and now I was going to have to make dinner too. A part of me knew she was spoiled but I didn’t have it in me to tell her no.

“I’ll take something out, how far are you?”

“I’m like 5 minutes away. I’m exiting 59 now. Oh babe! I see a cop, let me get off this phone before I pass this school zone! I’ll see you in a minute, love you! Bye.”

The call ended and I stood at the fridge looking inside wondering what the hell I was going to cook in this short notice. Settling on some chicken breast I threw them on defrost and started to grab what I needed when I heard a knock at the door.

I knew she had a key so when I looked out the window and saw her car in the driveway I figured she’d just forgotten to use it. When I opened the door my mouth dropped.

Standing there, a thin trench grey trench coat on, purple heels that added a good 4 inches to her height. Her hair bouncy and curly, holding a six pack in one hand, a pizza in the other. I didn’t offer to take the food out of her hands, didn’t move back so she could walk in. I just couldn’t stop looking at her. Couldn’t stop feeling like this wasn’t real. “I love you,”she mouthed to me. Unbuttoning the top button on her coat, showing me the lace underneath. “I want to suck….” She mouthed. The thunder was loud behind her, the rain even louder. My porch shielding her from the worst of it she licked her lips and smiled that smile that said so much.

Maybe it was a thank you for all I’d done knowing she needed to study and was fighting for a promotion. It could have been her being extra because we hadn’t had sex in a week. Or maybe she knew the draft was tonight and nothing went better with football then beer and pizza. Either way I took the stuff out of her hands. Pulled her inside and set the DVR to record what I obviously wasn’t going to be watching tonight.


dress-naked.jpgI honestly don’t know which I enjoy more. Taking a woman’s clothes off or watching her put them back on. I know it’s a Sunday and I hope the Lord forgives me for these explicit thoughts that are in my mind but for some reason I can’t stop thinking about sex.

This could be a product of our oversexed society or this could be a product of me not being inside of a woman for awhile but either way these thoughts are driving me crazy. So instead of going thru my phone and making a call I shouldn’t or watching porn I’ll write about it.

Lying in bed, my back against the headboard, music playing. The ceiling fan blowing what feels like hot hair because I can’t get my heart beat to slow down. Watching a woman stand there naked, not really sweaty but not really dry if that makes sense. A glow on her face, stepping inside of her panties or putting them in her purse. The curvature of her ass and hips befitting of the moment, hard nipples that haven’t realized the pleasure has come to an end.

Flash backs of the intense and nasty moments playing in my mind as she tries her best to fix her hair. Me trying my best not to pull her back on the bed and do what both our bodies are screaming for us to do. There’s not a thin line between desire and patience, the line is thick and welcoming. Once the flood gates to desire open there’s not really any turning back. I’ve written this a dozen times, sex was made for marriage because there is nothing on this earth more powerful. No feeling draws you in as deep as the feeling of wantfulness.

It All Starts With A Kiss

“Take your gum out, just give it to me.” I held my hand out for her to give me the gum, she looked at me with squinted eyes and smiled.

“Why do you want to throw my gum away?”

She knew the answer, she just wanted me to say it. She gave me the gum, I walked in the kitchen and threw it in the trash.

Walking back in the living room nothing needed to be said. My hands on her waist, pushing her up against the door my tongue was on the tip of her tongue before she knew it.

A lot of men think aggression is pulling and grabbing and lifting and maybe that’s a form of it. But aggression is just letting her know I’m in control. Not forcing my tongue in her mouth but sucking her bottom lip, having give and take with our mouths. Rubbing the side of her face, her neck, gripping her ass.

Sensuality isn’t always penetration and my mouth on her crown jewels. Slowing it down, letting her know I’m in control. Gliding my fingers along the edges of her upper thighs. Sometimes all it takes is a finger in the water to know it’s warm. To let her know that tonight isn’t the night I swim in it but if I can bring you to Heaven with a finger… Just imagine when I stick everything else in the pool.

Her trembling under my touch. No words needing to be spoken, just moans and the sound of my fingers playing a melody with her clit.

“If you don’t stop and let me leave, I may not leave.”

Sex Isn’t Underrated… Sex With the Wrong Person Is Overrated

betterI’ve never gotten to know my father. I have 13 or 14 brothers and sisters out there I’ll never really know even if I started to track them down today. I imagine each and every one of them came from lust, including myself. They came from moments of pleasure that have left them feeling alone, abandoned, sad at times. I never want to be that man that does that to a child.

Having sex with the wrong person can change your life and not for the better.

Is it hard?

Literally and figuratively but for my sanity and for me to grow up as a man it’s what I need to do. There are mornings like today that I can’t even sleep because the company of a woman is all I can think about. Those moments pass though and I know the temporary pleasure isn’t worth the feeling of guilt and shame the moments after will bring.

I’ve been writing a lot lately about moral responsibility, about accepting that our bodies and emotions and passions just aren’t meant for everyone. This isn’t easy for me, I’m a man that loves women a lot, but what I also know is that loving them is no good if there’s no meaning behind it.

You can’t duplicate great chemistry. You can’t replace the feeling of a naked body moist and sweaty under you. That feeling is one that makes us do dumb things, it makes us meet places we shouldn’t meet, crave people we shouldn’t crave. It’s not real though, it’s our bodies speaking a language our hearts will never understand or agree with. Sex is meant to be guiltless so when you feel that guilt just know it can’t be real.

I tried to think about all the women I’ve slept with over the years and the truth is I took a piece of them they can never get back. They gave themselves to me and I to them and we deserved more than that. Sex has to be about more than wet spots and wet lips.

‘Round Two: Her Pleasure His Desire’

The best moments are the moments when she doesn’t know I’m watching. The moments when she’s not trying to be sexy, not trying to arouse me, not trying to be what she naturally is. This morning was amazing, every morning is amazing when she’s motivated. I thought I was dreaming when I woke up to see her mouth on me, her head moving up and down, the thunder and drowning out her moans as she slurped and sucked. I looked at the clock and knew we didn’t have a lot of time and she knew it to because as soon as she felt me moving she climbed on top of me and kissed me before I slid inside of her.

“I need you to make me cum baby, we don’t have a lot of time so hurry up.”

I sat up and grabbed her ass, sucked her nipple and gave her leverage to do her thing. I knew I wouldn’t cum this morning, it always took me forever. But I knew my baby, she’d make it up to me after work.

Whenever I didn’t cum there was always a round two.


My only hope was that we’d have a thunderstorm to accompany us.

Seeing her towel drop, images of her screaming my name, watching her put on her panties. I slid in the room and she saw me in the mirror and smiled.

“Why did you let me put them on if you’re only going to take them off?” I kissed the back of her neck and rubbed her neck, squeezing just enough to excite her.

“Because it’s more fun when I just pull them to the side, you ready for round two?”


Round Two….



“It’s Yours!!!”

“Pull harder!”

“Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!”

I knew he was standing behind me the entire time I was putting on the lotion with that little ass towel on. So when he walked up behind me, his hand around my neck, his lips on my spine. All I wanted was to finish what we started.

Standing up, bent over, my hands on the ground. You would have thought I was getting ready to hike a football.

Panties pulled to the side, my hair wrapped around his left hand, his right hand holding my waist. I loved it when he got like this, when he took control and made me take it. Our love making was amazing, the nights when we lit candles and took our time.

But tonight wasn’t one of those nights, he didn’t carry me to the bed and whisper in my ear. He bit the back of my neck and told me to bend over. Now all I could do was enjoy it, the more he moved inside of me, the more of my spots he found the wetter I got.

The more I pushed it back on him. The harder he pushed.

“I love you!”

“My God I love you!”

“I love you so much!”

It was crazy, in my mind I was calm, I was trying to control myself. I hated losing control. But his strokes were causing me to lose control. His strokes were taking me out of my zone so whenever I opened my mouth it wasn’t me I was hearing. The woman talking to him wasn’t me, it was me but it wasn’t….

“Fuck me!”

“I can feel you in my stomach baby!”

“I can feel you!”

He pulled out of me and picked me up, sitting me on the dresser and not slowing down a bit. He loved kissing and so did I so when he kissed me I could feel the vibration pulsate through my body. His back was going to me so scratched up but I didn’t care.

He needed to cum, I could feel how tense he was, how bad he wanted it. How bad he wanted me. I pulled back and rubbed my fingers across his lips.

“It’s yours baby, it’s yours…” I whispered in his ear.

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! What are you doing!?”

He licked a trail to my bellybutton and then…..


Round three was about to began!!!