Instead of having just one baby, this couple had quintuplets… Here’s how they’re living now

For a year now, an American couple has successfully been taking care of five babies at the same time. The husband and wife were surprised to learn they had five children, but they managed well: they now understand what it means to prepare milk 40 times a day, wash 20 baby clothes daily, and change 60 diapers.

But life in their household is never dull. Instead of one child, the couple had five babies. Here’s an overview of their current lifestyle.

Jordan and Briana Driskell from Kentucky are now the happy parents of five-year-old twins.

Yet, three years ago, the couple desperately wanted to have at least one child. Although they had been diagnosed as infertile several years ago, Briana and the couple were determined to have a child.

Instead of having just one baby, this couple had quintuplets... Here's how they're living now

After intensive treatment, they found out they were pregnant, and a few months later, they had not one but five babies in their family. Two years and 730 days.

That’s the duration during which Jordan and I tried to conceive a child. But there was one day I’ll never forget.

The doctors started checking the area affected by the first ultrasound, then began counting the babies: one, two, three, four, then five. That day, we learned we were expecting five children.”

The couple was overwhelmed by the news that they were going to have five children.

They couldn’t turn down the opportunity to become parents, but they didn’t know how to raise five children at the same time. However, Jordan and Briana managed to gather themselves.

“Describing our reaction as surprise is an understatement. We had to shed many tears, spend many sleepless nights, and pray many times to realize how much of a blessing it was.”

The children were born in May 2017. Three girls, Hollin, Zoe, and Dakota. And two boys, Gavin and Asher.

All the babies were born healthy, but they had to spend some time in the hospital. However, after a short time, the excitement of being parents to five children began.

Instead of just one little boy, the couple had five children.

Today, their life goes like this. They found out that taking care of five babies not only demands time and energy but also at least 40 bottles a day.

“We feed them every 30 minutes. Repeating this cycle is like being on an assembly line.”

Over the past year, the couple’s kitchen has taken on the clinical appearance of an operating room. If a variety of baby foods isn’t prepared in advance, there’s a risk someone might go hungry or forget whose bottle it is.

Briana and Jordan’s weekly grocery results are also impressive.

The moms admitted they had to change 20 diapers a day and used 60 diapers for their babies every day. “It’s completely crazy.

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.” With five children, the Driskells’ experience goes beyond buying bulk supplies.

The couple bought a standard-sized van for family outings, but it turned out to be too small for their large family. “We bought the van right after our kids were born. It was clear our family was too big for a car.”

Instead of having just one baby, this couple had quintuplets... Here's how they're living now

But it’s not easy. Parents tend to prefer a stroller for outings.

To that end, the family has a pair of strollers for the twins and a sling or baby carrier for the strollers.

This way, Briana and Jordan can all go out together and take their two dogs along.

The children arrive at the Driskells’ every morning at 6 a.m. and are cared for by Briana’s mother and a nanny.

Despite similarities between families and young ages, each child is unique to Briana and Jordan. They each have their own personality.

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Instead of having just one baby, this couple had quintuplets… Here’s how they’re living now
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