“I’m ending my campaign”, Donald Trump shakes up the American elections and scares his voters

Former US President Donald Trump is currently running for another term as the next President of the United States of America. But on Monday, he shocked his supporters in an unexpected way.

Former US President Donald Trump has once again entered the race for a second term as President of the United States of America. The Republican managed to gather enough delegate votes in the primary election to run against incumbent President Joe Biden .

A new duel between the two politicians will therefore take place in November this year.

Since his first term, Trump has continued to make headlines and provoke scandals that have made headlines around the world, such as his numerous trials which are still to take place this year.

However, all this did not succeed in tarnishing the popularity of the former American president. However, a few days ago, Donald Trump shook his supporters with a particular action.

An email from Donald Trump shocks his voters

As thereport the Frankfurter Rundschau as well as the magazines T-online and Focus Online, Donald Trump voters found a message in their mailboxes and SMS messages on Monday April 1.

The subject of the message must have immediately set the bells ringing: “ I am ending my campaign ,” he said. This message caused a lot of ink to flow among Donald Trump’s supporters and raised questions: Will the legal proceedings ultimately force the Republican to resign?

“I’m ending my campaign”, Donald Trump shakes up the American elections and scares his voters
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One look at their favorite’s post, however, gave his followers pause — it was simply a joke.

“Just a joke – Happy April 1st ,” we can then read. And further: “I will never stop fighting for the American people” .

Below was a link that led to a Donald Trump web page: the Republican presidential candidate did not in fact launch this action without ulterior motives.

An action with ulterior motives

According to sources, Donald Trump is using this ploy to raise funds for his election campaign. On the website linked to, visitors have the option to donate $5, $500 or $3,300. The headline reads: “Did you really think I was going to suspend my campaign? I will never capitulate! ”

Indeed, this method is not unusual. During American election campaigns, it is common to ask voters to financially support their favorites through text messages, emails and other calls. We will know in November at the latest whether Donald Trump’s action was effective.

Donald Trump: more supporters or opponents?

It is difficult to determine with certainty whether there are more supporters or opponents of Donald Trump, because political views vary greatly from person to person and can be influenced by various factors such as political affiliation , personal values ​​and individual experiences.

But Donald Trump boasts a significant number of supporters who actively support him, admiring his outspoken political style, conservative policies and anti-establishment rhetoric.

These supporters see him as a strong leader, defending America’s interests and fighting against what they see as a corrupt political elite. For these people, Donald Trump remains an iconic and popular figure in American politics.

On the other hand, there is also a significant opposition to Donald Trump, made up of people who strongly oppose his policies, his behavior and his actions.

These opponents often criticize his inflammatory language, controversial policy decisions and polarizing approach to governance. For them, Donald Trump represents a threat to democracy and the fundamental values ​​of the United States.

“I’m ending my campaign”, Donald Trump shakes up the American elections and scares his voters

46.8% of popular votes for Donald Trump

Some data can provide insight into political opinions nationally. For example, presidential election results can indicate the level of support for a candidate.

In the 2020 election, Joe Biden won the presidency with approximately 51.3% of the popular vote, while Donald Trump received approximately 46.8% of the popular vote.

This suggests that a relative majority of voters preferred Joe Biden to Donald Trump. However, it is important to note that the American electoral system, based on the electoral college, can influence these results.

Could Donald Trump really abandon the US presidential elections?

It is obviously difficult to predict with certainty whether Donald Trump is likely to drop out of the United States presidential elections. Because it depends on many factors, including one’s own decision and current political events.

However, if one takes the time to seriously study his past behavior and statements , here are some things to consider:

Political Ambitions : Donald Trump has publicly and repeatedly expressed his intention to run for president again in 2024. He appears determined to remain a major player in American politics and defend his record.

Legality and Ongoing Investigations : There are several ongoing investigations involving Donald Trump, including tax investigations and civil lawsuits.

It is not crazy to think that the results of these investigations could have an impact on his decision to continue his campaign in the elections.
Political Support : Donald Trump continues to enjoy considerable support within the Republican Party and among its supporters.

His influence and support base could influence his decision to remain in the presidential race.
Political Dynamics :

Political and social conditions in America, including developments in the COVID-19 pandemic, the economy and other factors, could also affect Donald Trump’s decision whether to run.

Overall, although it is difficult to predict the future with certainty, it seems unlikely that Donald Trump will voluntarily abandon the presidential elections, given his political commitment and his desire to remain an influential figure in the landscape American politics.

However, unforeseen events or legal developments could potentially change the situation.

“I’m ending my campaign”, Donald Trump shakes up the American elections and scares his voters

Who could replace Donald Trump if he leaves?
If by surprise, Donald Trump were to abandon the presidential elections, the Republican Party would have several options to replace him as candidate.

Among the most likely possibilities are other influential political figures within the Republican Party. Some names that have been bandied about in the media and political circles include:

Mike Pence: The former vice president of the United States under the Trump administration could be considered a potential candidate to represent the Republican Party..

Ron DeSantis: The Florida governor is often mentioned as an emerging leader within the Republican Party, with a strong support base and policy positions aligned with those of Donald Trump.

Nikki Haley: The former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and former governor of South Carolina is a respected figure within the Republican Party and could be considered as a presidential candidate.

Ted Cruz: The Texas senator is a seasoned politician and talented speaker, having previously campaigned for the presidency in 2016. He could be considered as a potential presidential candidate again.

Kristi Noem: The South Dakota governor is often mentioned as a rising star in the Republican Party, due to her conservative policies and popularity among right-wing voters.

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“I’m ending my campaign”, Donald Trump shakes up the American elections and scares his voters
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