Their captivating love story faced a turbulent reception from society: “your girlfriend is disgusting”

He heard that his girlfriend is “disgusting” because of her appearance, but he married her despite his family treating him like an “idiot.” Yesi and Bryan met on the internet in 2017.

After a year of dating and mutual affection, the couple made the decision to formalize their relationship.

Interestingly, their fascinating love story was met with strong opposition from society and their families due to a noticeable height difference.

Yesi and Bryan, who have a significant height difference of 3 feet, embarked on their adventure in 2017 when they first contacted each other on the internet.

Their captivating love story faced a turbulent reception from society: "your girlfriend is disgusting"

They shared their uncommon but heartwarming story in a short video.

Yesi confessed that she had often been advised to only date women of her own height, including by her mother, who thought it would be more beneficial for her balance.

Interestingly, even though her mother had advised her to only date women of her own height, Yesi had never had relationships with women of shorter stature in her thirty-four years of life.

An unusual love story, Bryan, thirty-six years old, recounted their first online meeting, where he found Yesi’s photo fascinating.

He saw her as a petite woman from a full-length photo and immediately felt a connection with her. They met for dinner and met in person to confirm their affinity.

Their friendship continued to grow, and twelve months later, they moved on to the crucial stage of living together.

Finally, in 2021, they got married in the Bahamas and committed to being together for the rest of their lives.

Yesi, who has diastrophic dysplasia, an extremely rare form of dwarfism that affects only one in a million people, spoke about the challenges she faces.

This condition primarily affects cartilage, resulting in smaller extremities and faster joint regeneration.

She highlighted the lack of confidence she sometimes feels when people touch her without her consent, often patting her head.

At the same time, Yesi shared her contrasting journey against social discrimination, intrusive questions, and pervasive stereotypes.

She noted that Bryan’s support makes people respect her more in public places.

Bryan emphasized his determination to support Yesi, explaining that his acts of assistance were inspired by his love and not out of duty.

He particularly mentioned their commitment to providing custom-made clothing for Yesi, who often struggles to find clothes in her size due to her height.

Their captivating love story faced a turbulent reception from society: "your girlfriend is disgusting"

“I like doing a lot of things for her. For me, it’s not a duty; I do it because I love her,” Bryan stated.

Although most people around them reacted positively to their marriage, the couple faced obstacles from some relatives.

Offensive comments and disputes about their ability to become parents due to their height deeply affected Yesi. She often felt rejected by her own family, despite displays of affection.

“I realized they made very unpleasant remarks, such as it was foolish or stupid to be with such a disgusting person, or they wondered whether we should have children or not because I am a short person,” Yesi said.

Bryan recounted his mother Maggie’s initial hesitations about their relationship because she thought Yesi was a dependent person.

This caused a six-month separation between Bryan and his mother, a painful period for both.

Over time, though, Maggie realized that her concerns were not primarily related to Yesi’s height but rather the risk of having to care for her for the rest of her life, given her health conditions. She emphasized her willingness to act as needed and support Bryan’s decisions.

Bryan and Yesi hope to expand their family in the future, whether through having children or welcoming other animals.

“It takes two to build a good rapport, and we’re doing our best to achieve that. We’re enjoying our life, and we’re content with what’s important to us,” Bryan stated.

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Their captivating love story faced a turbulent reception from society: “your girlfriend is disgusting”
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