My Mean Stepfather Ruined My Teenage Life – Years Later He Got a Taste of His Own Medicine

A man had a difficult childhood because of his stepfather, who constantly made his life unbearable. Once he became an adult, he sought revenge and turned his stepfather’s life upside down.

A Reddit user said his mother started dating a man she met online when he was 15. Two months later, the boyfriend came to live with them.

“I didn’t like him the first time I met him,” the author of the post admitted.

He started getting rid of OP’s stuff three weeks after moving in, including a BMX bike, ramps, ice hockey equipment, skateboards, and a half-pipe he built himself so that he was still at school.

The OP said the man told him he threw his stuff away because he didn’t want it cluttering up “his” garage.

My Mean Stepfather Ruined My Teenage Life - Years Later He Got a Taste of His Own Medicine

The man continued to get rid of OP’s most prized possessions, and this time he went after her extensive comic book collection, her Pokemon card collection, her PS2, and her Game Boy.

According to the OP, her mother’s partner thought teenagers should play sports instead of playing with Pokemon cards or reading comics and books.

“My mom never intervened,” the OP said. He added that instead, she “acquiesced” when her boyfriend demanded that she stop giving him lunch money because he was spending it on comics and “happy” things. “.

One day, the OP took about $3 from the man’s wallet to buy him a slice of pizza and fruit punch at school because he was tired of being hungry.

Unfortunately for him, his twin sister told his stepfather what he had done. He recalled:

In fact, this man called the police and filed a theft complaint against me.

After the police left, he physically assaulted the OP, who then ran away from home.

My Mean Stepfather Ruined My Teenage Life - Years Later He Got a Taste of His Own Medicine

But law enforcement took him home, and the OP found out his stepdad told his mom she should send him to military school

The OP ran away once again, and the situation repeated itself. The Redditor explained that, before he knew it, “the larceny charge ended up turning 16 into juvenile detention,” adding:

“I spent the next few years miserable and afraid, frequently contemplating suicide.”

He cut off communication with his mother once he left home, but they eventually reconciled and by that time she had already married the man.

According to the OP, he had gotten much bigger at this time than when he was a teenager. He had started weightlifting, so his stepfather was no longer intimidating and hitting him. They often avoided each other.

Things changed when OP’s mom found out she had stage 4 cancer and didn’t want to lose the time she had with her husband.

So she asked a lawyer to draft a separation agreement in which the spouse would receive a sum of money upon separation and would have 45 days to collect their belongings in the house.

My Mean Stepfather Ruined My Teenage Life - Years Later He Got a Taste of His Own Medicine

OP’s mother sadly passed away nine months after the couple separated. Thereafter, he gradually enacted his revenge by going against his late mother’s agreement with his stepfather.

He sold his father-in-law’s most prized possessions, including his autographed sports memorabilia, his baseball card collection, all of his woodworking equipment and some furniture he had made.

One day, the OP ran into her father-in-law at a grocery store and told him what he had done. The man tried to attack him and managed to punch him a few times.

OP then called 911, and when the police arrived, they found the man ramming his grocery cart into OP’s new car in the parking lot.

The OP revealed that he was arrested for aggression, communicating threats and destruction of property. So the man, who was a teacher at a local college, lost his job and his retirement money.

OP’s nephew, who went to the same school, told his friends that the man had abused his uncle as a child. He was asked by parents to relinquish his duties as referee and umpire for local sports competitions.

Additionally, the OP’s niece and girlfriend’s younger sister were enrolled in the school and revealed that a lot of people didn’t like the man.

My Mean Stepfather Ruined My Teenage Life - Years Later He Got a Taste of His Own Medicine

When he went to get his things, he made a scene and ended up crying hysterically as he left.

The man’s son refused to take him in, leading him to work as a cashier at Walmart. The OP often shops there and said:

I purposely wait in line longer

as necessary so that he can benefit from my purchases.

The man tried to overcharge him the first time the OP stood in line, and when he challenged him, his former father-in-law told him he made a mistake.

The OP asked the manager, who also thought it was a mistake. According to the OP, this convinced his mom’s ex that he couldn’t get away with it.

The next time the OP went to the store and was as polite as possible when the man was rude. He asked for the manager again, the people in the queue supported the OP and the man got in trouble.

Every time I stand in line and go there, I see him slowly dying from the inside, even though he may be reckless, but it gives me great satisfaction.

The OP said, “Now I can see him all the time and poke his nose in it.”

Fellow Reddit users flooded the comments section after OP shared his story and congratulated him on his revenge.

One person said she also experienced a similar situation growing up and the mother eventually divorced the “evil stepfather.”

I just want to have the luck and creativity to take that kind of revenge on him. Very good op game! the person said.

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My Mean Stepfather Ruined My Teenage Life – Years Later He Got a Taste of His Own Medicine
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