A piece of advice that changed the life of the star: secrets and facts about Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone, 63 years old, is an independent woman who can choose which director to work with, who to communicate with, and who to love. But it wasn’t always this way.

As a child, Stone wasn’t known for her stunning looks and used to wear glasses with thick lenses.

She was a precocious child and started school at the age of five, skipping directly to the second grade.

This caused some problems. Her classmates were a few years older than Sharon, making it difficult for her to make friends.

Sharon Stone endured bullying when she was a young girl. She remembered being frequently bullied by Karen, the school bully.

A piece of advice that changed the life of the star: secrets and facts about Sharon Stone

Despite her great intelligence, Sharon had serious social issues.

The future actress graduated at the age of 15 and received a scholarship to Edinboro University. She left home, lived in a dorm, and worked at McDonald’s at night.

At 17, Stone began participating in beauty pageants. She was a contestant for the Miss Pennsylvania title. One of the judges gave Sharon advice that changed her life.

He advised Stone to go to New York and pursue a modeling career.

Sharon Stone, whose young photos continue to fascinate her fans, abandoned her studies and pursued her dream.

We already know the subsequent story: Sharon radically changed her appearance, becoming a highly sought-after model and later an actress.

She never continued her studies, reestablished connections with her old classmates or other students. She started living a completely different life.

The actress enrolled at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania at the age of 15 but did not complete her degree.

In 2007, the university awarded her an honorary degree. In 2016, Stone earned an online degree from the university. She was 58 years old when she earned her degree.

She became a star at the age of 34. The actress has no qualms about discussing her age. At 32, she posed for Playboy, and at 34, she landed a role in “Basic Instinct,” making her a symbol of the ’90s.

It’s interesting to note that Michael Douglas, upon learning that his co-star would be a relatively unknown actress, considered dropping out of the project.

The role made Stone a symbol, and the famous interrogation scene is recognized as one of the most iconic in the history of world cinema.

Success in life was predicted for her by Muhammad Ali. According to a family legend, the boxer, upon seeing 17-year-old Sharon, told her father that you couldn’t hide such a smart girl.

She soon won a beauty pageant and set off to conquer New York to become a model. For herself, Stone decided she would become the next Marilyn Monroe.

A piece of advice that changed the life of the star: secrets and facts about Sharon Stone

One million dollars raised in a few minutes.

In 2005, the actress gave a speech at the World Economic Forum in Davos during the Tanzanian president’s address.

The president spoke about how in his country, thousands of children were dying from malaria transmitted by mosquitoes because there weren’t enough mosquito nets.

Stone interrupted the speech to ask the audience to help the Tanzanians. She announced that she would make a $10,000 donation and invited those present to do their part.

She was followed by three dozen other people. In just a few minutes, the actress had raised $1 million.

She had a dispute with China.

Sharon Stone’s biography contains many interesting stories. She is a passionate Buddhist and has met the Dalai Lama.

In 2008, after the Sichuan earthquake, the actress claimed it was a punishment from China for its policies toward Tibet.

This led to a wave of outrage.

Christian Dior stores removed her photos from their windows in Beijing, and major Chinese cinema chains announced they would not screen films with Stone in the lead role.

The actress had to apologize to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for her inappropriate statements.

She was surprised when she saw herself in “Basic Instinct.” Stone revealed that she couldn’t remember what she had done during filming.

The actress said she had a shock when she saw the image. She thought she had acted terribly and wanted to call her friends to tell them not to watch the movie.

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A piece of advice that changed the life of the star: secrets and facts about Sharon Stone
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