A true story of a father who was refused to pay for his child’s wedding

One true story that gained attention in the media involved a father who refused to pay for his child’s wedding.

Sometimes, parents have specific conditions or expectations regarding weddings that their children may not meet, leading to disagreements.

A father-in-law finances his daughter-in-law’s wedding but does not participate.

A man posted on the Reddit forum “Off MyChest” on June 2, 2013 to share a story that had deeply affected his mind as his daughter-in-law’s wedding approached. According to the author of the post (OP), his daughter-in-law was scheduled to get married on August 3.

The Reddit user noticed that the bride-to-be and her mother had been busy planning the wedding for the past six months. He explained the situation of his relationship with the mother of his daughter by saying:

Although we have lived together for 10 years, I say his mother because we are not married.

OP then revealed the significant financial support he provided to his daughter-in-law, including covering the cost of her higher education, which amounted to $40,000, despite her enrollment in a public school.

A true story of a father who was refused to pay for his child's wedding

He also bought a car so that the daughter-in-law could travel more easily between her home and the university.

His stepdaughter treated him differently than his biological father, which bothered him the most.

According to the OP, her stepdaughter’s biological parent would sometimes appear and disappear in her life, but she always showed him great affection.

Despite no financial contribution or child support from the biological father, his stepdaughter still loved him and wanted him to be a part of her life.

The OP also noted that her stepdaughter’s biological father had a habit of making promises to her and then leaving, which invariably broke her heart.

A true story of a father who was refused to pay for his child's wedding

As the wedding day approached, OP’s frustration grew when he found out the wedding venue had a strict capacity of 250 people.

He had provided a list of 20 people he wished to invite, given his substantial financial contribution to the occasion.

OP revealed that he was told it wouldn’t be a problem and would be taken care of, so he told his guests about their invitations and urged them to save the date.

However, during a chance meeting at the golf course, one of his friends on the guest list said he had not received an invitation.

Instead, the guest only received an invitation without the OP’s name.

The ad included the names of the bride’s biological parents but pointedly left them out, sparking a heated argument between the OP and her stepdaughter’s mother.

A true story of a father who was refused to pay for his child's wedding

He was surprised to discover that due to space constraints, none of the people on his list made the final guest list. His girlfriend, who was unable to calm his anger, explained:

“250 people is very tight.” Because the damage was already done and the important people in her life were still offended, OP felt helpless.

The Redditor transferred the wedding money from the joint account he shared with his girlfriend that same night. In the morning he called the sellers and asked for a refund.

Flipping through the bride’s wedding planner, he discovered that the father/daughter dance section was tailored to the biological father’s tastes.

A true story of a father who was refused to pay for his child's wedding

The Reddit user felt like they never really cared about him and asked his girlfriend and the bride when they could move out.

In an update, he said his girlfriend and the bride had moved out, moving to live with the groom. OP also acknowledged and expressed gratitude for the overwhelming support he received from the Reddit community.

He said wedding plans were scaled back as the couple tried to involve the groom’s parents.

However, his girlfriend tried to write a check for herself from their joint account shortly after the incident, further burning bridges with him.

Despite everything, he felt like he had turned the page and thanked everyone for their support.

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A true story of a father who was refused to pay for his child’s wedding
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