The gears in this photo are already 11 years old: How do they look now

There are probably no such people who wouldn’t have seen these photos. 11 years ago, the McGee family literally “broke” the internet with their pictures.

The thing is, Mia and Rozonno McGhee had six children at once and they posed for a wonderful and touching photoshoot that melted even the hearts of the most insensitive.

Later on, the family recreated the images with their older children. And it turned out just as heartwarming.

Mia and Rozonno first noticed each other in high school and even then realized they had a lot in common and understood each other perfectly.

The fact is, both of them had a tough fate. When Mia was still a teenager, her parents left her, and Rozonno’s mother struggled with addiction her whole life. So, they both grew up early.

Even when they were already a couple, life presented them with new challenges. For 10 long years, they tried to have a baby, but unfortunately, all their attempts were in vain.

After some treatment, Mia finally saw two cherished lines. And during the ultrasound, it turned out they would have six children at once.

The gears in this photo are already 11 years old: How do they look now

At that time, Rozonno had a carpet cleaning business and Mia had to quit her job to take care of the children.

But initially, both parents still didn’t understand how they would manage with six children.

Of course, love was the key and the foundation of their strong family.

Look at these cute babies: Rozonno Jr., Eli, Olivia, Madison, Yossi, and Issac.

It was these images that brought popularity to the McGee family. Pictures spread all over the internet.

McGee was then invited to the Oprah Winfrey Show, where they received a $250,000 Walmart gift card.

After that show, many kind-hearted people started sending them different clothes, diapers, and even car seats.

The gears in this photo are already 11 years old: How do they look now

The family quickly created their own show titled “6 Little McGee,” which aired on the Oprah Winfrey Network.

There, the family showed how they managed with six children, who had what responsibilities, and how the kids were growing up.

Thanks to this, Rozonno was able to expand his business, and soon they moved into a large and spacious house.

The six children grew up healthy and happy. When they were all six years old, their parents came up with the idea of doing something special for their birthday.

They decided to recreate the photo from many years ago, which gained them popularity.

Looking at this family, you understand that true and sincere love is capable of a lot!

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The gears in this photo are already 11 years old: How do they look now
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